• GENTILLY : sale of an office building, 9.610 sq.m and 108 parking places to HSBC REIM

    MALAKOFF: sale of an office building, 20.000 sq. m, rented to Edenred (world leader in prepaid corporate services)

    BAGNEUX : sale of buildable land and 107.000 sq. m office space rented to the French state ( Délégation Générale pour l'Armement) until 2016, and, at term, the development of 15 ha land allowing the construction of 450.000 sq. m.

    Sale to the French Chamber of Notaries of a entirely refurbished "hotel particulier", boulevard de la Tour Maubourg, 75007, Paris (6000 sq. m of office space).

    Large scale retail outlet, Leroy Merlin. A large empty volume in the heart of Paris, on the Pompidou Museum esplanade. A former failing commercial center and supermarket (GLA: 6.000 sq. m). We conceived a new project, rented it to Leroy Merlin and then sold it to a major French institutional Fund.

    AMPERE block tower (La Defense, Paris) rented to RTE (French electricity network); 9.500m2 sq. m office space. Sale of AMPERE block tower to Qatar Islamic Bank.

    COLGATE block tower (La Defense, Paris) rented to RTE (French electricity network); 18.000 sq. m office space. Sale of this building, renamed MARCHAND tower block to Qatar Islamic Bank.

    Sale to numerous Middle East Companies of more than 20 properties in France, rented to Thales and belonging to LONE STAR FUNDS (350.000 sq. m of office and research laboratories).

    In GERMANY and in close collaboration with LONE STAR FUNDS, definition and selection of real-estate portfolios following LSF purchase of NPL portfolios. Sale of these portfolios (circa 2 millions sq. m lettable area) to Middle East and European Funds.

    Sale of 14 commercial centres in Germany to CDC (a major French institutional Fund).

    Following the sale and lease back from Deutsche Post to Lone Star Funds, conception with LSF of sub-portfolios including Jupiter portfolio, 300 core properties, 1.200.000 sq. m, €70m. yearly rent. Presentation of this portfolio to principal worldwide investors.

    Sale of Magasins Réunis Company, a subsidiary of Printemps, to MIDDLAND BANK (5 large department stores , 3 of which are in Paris). Rental to FNAC of the 2 most important department stores (ex-Magasin Réunis) located avenue des Ternes & rue de Rennes in Paris.

    Purchase on behalf of a major French developer of the Parisian headquarter of the Chase Manhattan Bank located rue Cambon (19.000 sq. m of office space to be deeply refurbished) following a 2 days meeting in New York in order to avoid a pending international call for tenders. Rental of this building during its refurbishment to SBF (Société des Bourses Françaises) renamed EURONEXT and still tenant of the building.

    Purchase on behalf of a French developer of the former SBF properties located Place de la Bourse and rue des Victoires in Paris (2 office buildings of circa 10.000 sq. m).

    Purchase on behalf of a major French developer of a retail and office building located 114 avenue des Champs Elysées (circa 10.000 sq. m to be refurbished). Sale of this property to Caisse des Depots et Consignations (a major French institutional investor).

    Purchase on behalf of a major French developer of a retail and office property located 79 avenue des Champs Elysées (9.000 sq. m to be refurbished

    Sale & lease back from Printemps to UNIBAIL of two department stores, Brummel and Monoprix (55.000 sq. m).